The YTM-210 color sorter have excellent performance thanks to the sensors which are produced by top class factories in the world. Due to the use of chute with small-interval channels, the remnant good rice in reject is greatly decreased. The machine also equipped with long-life, high-speed and consistent ejectors.
Technique parameter:
output  long  rice(t/h):4-6
output  short  rice(t/h):5-7

  1. Using high-resolution sensors, fluorescent lamp of world famous, all-digital circuit, Large-scale hardware programming FPGA chips, coupled with a unique calculating method to ensure Yongxiang new generation of intelligentized  optoelectronic color sorter high accuracy (for discolored mode:
  2. bad rice content less than 2% and accuracy up to 99.98 %).
  3. Special transportation of raw materials, 6.5mm width of the chute, a new type of high frequency electromagnetic valve, the bus data transfer technology, ensure the machine large enough capacity and accurate sorting (carryover rate6:1 ).
  4. With high-quality touch screen,embedded processors, a high degree of intelligence, the design of the screen is more visual, more humanization. All operations can be on the touch screen, the  human-computer exchange much easier and more convenient.
  5. High integrated digital circuit design, a unique algorithm, systematic and strict programming, special data transmission technology, ensure the function of sorting  more powerful,more reliable and stable.

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