CM5000S × 2L double rolls rice polisher is a new type product integrated years of professional technology and experience in R & D and production and modern new notion of polishing of bright and white. Equipped with double rolls of parallel structure, dual motors, a single polishing roll can operate independently.  The machine features centralized exhaust system(with airlock), meantime, feeding and discharging evenly, big capacity ( 6 - 7 tons / hour for one machine while  8-10 tons/ hour for  multi-machine), compact structure(Two in one) and covering small required area. It is suitable processing different grains like round-grained rice and long-shaped rice, especially for large output requirement of large-scale rice mills in Northeast China. Easy to operate, stable and durable, the machine is ideal replacement for branding, modernized large-scale rice company.
Technique parameter:
Output(t/h):for one machine 6-7  for  multimachine 8-10

  1. Two in one, saving space and money
  2. Large yield, single machine: 6-7 tons / hour, multi-machine: 8-10 tons / hour.
  3. Polishing parts are made of the food-grade stainless steel, safe sanitation, and durable ( useful life become more than twice).Polished rice become white and light, in accord with a new concept to modern rice polishing.
  4. Suitable for long-grain rice and short-grain rice polishing. For the rice each season in Northeast China, it can maintain long-term stable production and reduce the rice bran .
  5.  ( suggestion:an arrangement for sieving and color sorting rice bran after polishing)
  6. The machine is equipped with motors either 45kw or 55kw according to the different requirements of production from customers.

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