The YTCCD series have excellent performance thanks to the high-resolution monochromatic visible CCD cameras. It can detect even small and subtle color variations. Thus, a very efficient removal of unwanted material from the product stream is possible. Flat and channeled chutes are optional to work with variously materials and customer demands. The machine also equipped with long-life, high-speed and consistent ejectors.
Technique parameter:

  1. Advanced technology, efficient
  2. Using 2048-pixel new CCD sensor, with high-quality optical lens, capable of detecting area 0.3×0.15 mm by observing  fine differences in color and shape of material from both directions of the front and rear.
  3. All-digital circuits, quick response, powerful data-processing capability ensure the machine to have stable and reliable performance.
  4. The application of double sensitivity  mode can simultaneously remove light yellow and black spots. The user can set parameters in accordance with the actual situation of materials to precisely control the accuracy of color sorters and improve the efficiency.
  5. This machine adopts combined feeding system, the throughput of feeding system can be freely adjusted based on user’s demands. Adopting a heating system,improve not only  the accuracy  of color sorter but also the defective products there for heloing customers to increase their economic efficiency.
  6. Humanized design, user-friendly
  7. With a special sampling window in front of the outlet, users can observe the rejects friendly and timely.
  8. Open framework embodies the concept of humanized design ,convenient for maintenance and operation.
  9. Adopting the large-screen color touch screen, clear and beautiful, user-friendly, convenient for operation.
  10. LEDs on front panel indicate machine working status.
  11. Durable, long life
  12. The machine adopts the new type of high-speed ejector, whose lifetime more than1 billion times, durable. Maintenance costs are greatly reduced.
  13. Precise optical components and control systems are installed in a locked closed cabinet, safe and avoiding dust,  which makes the machine at different working environment have stable sorting effect.
  14. The whole system design including light, mechanical , electrical, gas systems, is scientific and rational. Excellent manufacturing process, along with world famous components, fully guarantees machine reliable performance, durability and less maintenance.

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