MMJP120x4 Series White Rice Grader is new upgraded product, With different dimensions for kernels, through different diameters of perforated screens with reciprocating movement, separates whole rice, head rice, brokens and small brokens so as to achieve its function. It’s the main equipment in rice processing of rice milling plant, in the meantime, also has effect to separation of rice varieties, after that, rice can be separated by indented cylinder, in general.
Technique parameter:
Output(t/h):  3.5-4.5
Power(kW):  1.1     

  1. Compact and reasonable construction, precise adjustment in small range on rotating speed.
  2. steady performance.
  3. Not easy clogged for screens, because of with automatic cleaning equipment.
  4. Has 4 layer screens, separated whole rice with two times, big capacity, low brokens in whole rice, meanwhile, also low whole rice in brokens.

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